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Home / Sonne DVD Burner / How to create a DVD
Sonne DVD Burner can let you directly create DVD from other video files.
Step 1: Define the desired DVD mode as pagination menu or chapters menu.
Step 2: Define a template for your DVD from the template list.
Step 3: Input your desired video files.
Step 4: Click "Create" button, a dialog will pop up. You can define the DVD Output Path as your like. Start the process with "Start" button.
Step 5: Click "Burn" button to burn the newly created DVD-folder or others, relative settings interface will pop up.
Step 6: Click "Start" to start burning.
Sonne DVD Burner / How to capture video
Sonne DVD Burner capture function can easily capture video or image from use devices and TV Tuner.
Step 1: Click "Capture Settings" button to connect your DV device with Sonne Screen Video Capture.
Step 2: Select desired path to save files. Then click "Apply" to active settings.
Step 3: Keep every settings as default.
Step 3: Click "Start" button to start capturing video.
Sonne DVD Burner / Burn files to data disc
Step1: Tick "Burn files to data disc".
Step2: Click "Add Files" button to add files or right click the file list window.
Step3: Click "Next" button and select burning speed and burning mode.
Step4: Tick the check box at "Advanced Settings" you desired to respond each operation.
Step5: When the files are added into the file list as you like, you are ready to start burning. Make sure a blank disc is in your recorder drive.
Step6: Click "Burn" button to start burning.